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Since 1993, Channel Sources has assisted software developers, publishers, hardware manufacturers, studios, and independent record labels to market their products and titles, and to distribute them into North America's leading retailers. We deliver consistent and measurable results to our clients.

Channel Sources is the key to successful hardware, software, DVD and media distribution.

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industry trends

The technology and entertainment industries, including hardware manufacturing, software publishing, DVD films and music, are noted for constant change. Managing the life cycles and transitions of products that have upgrades, newer versions, sequels or line extension paths is a specialized art.


Channel Sources is one of a select number of companies who define the way products are sold, rented and downloaded. Once the exclusive domain of specialty stores, today's entertainment and technology products can be retailed through a variety of storefronts - both brick and virtual. In order to stay current with popular trends and patterns in the industry, Channel Sources participates in all major events and conferences.


Channel Sources knows what's hot and what's not.



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