Proven Success – your key to success at retail

In 1993, a group of forward-thinking industry veterans banded together to form Channel Sources, a full-service sales and marketing organization for software publishers, hardware manufacturers, music producers, film studios and recording labels. Observing how these producers, publishers, code producers and manufacturers of high quality products struggled with the many challenges of penetrating the retail distribution channel, the Channel Sources team developed a unique, effective approach to providing small- to medium-sized technology, entertainment, hardware and software vendors and studios with the same high quality sales and marketing activities as their larger competitors.

Today Channel Sources’ clients include consumer software publishers, film studios, multi-media publishers, hardware and accessory vendors, as well as manufacturers who choose to conserve their cash flow by not investing in a reseller sales force, or who lack a North American presence or knowledge on how to enter the U.S. market. Principals Jim Daly and Ira Feigelman and their team’s many years of experience in the hardware and software, consumer electronics, entertainment and computer technology industries have resulted in longstanding relationships with key industry luminaries, and have earned Channel Sources a solid reputation of friendly service, quality products and superior product management.

At Channel Sources, we use the telephone more than any other office device. It’s through this low technology approach that we are able to achieve outstanding success in a high technology field. Face-to-face meetings with buyers and distributors, building strong personal relationships and brand recognition through strategic partnerships are the hallmarks of Channel Sources’ representation.

Having a direct sales force in the field managed by an experienced management team means that your product will be represented in-person to influential buyers, retail managers, and distributor partners.

Channel Sources oversees all aspects of your products’ life in the retail channel from beginning to end.

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